About thebps

Meet the boys: Mike Sherry Who is he: One of
two best men at my wedding. A kid from the Rock. Claim to
fame, among other things, is that he once broke two guys’
noses with one punch. Went and moved to Philly on us, but
that doesn’t stop him from coming up for a big game or just
to goon around. What kind of Yankee fan is he: The kind who
likes to see home runs. Doesn’t bother himself with small
details. Comes alive around playoff time. Gets extremely
annoyed when the Yanks embarrass him. Acc (aka The Big Boy)
Who is he: Kid from the Rock. Never met a buffalo wing he
didn’t like (lie – doesn’t like the hot ones). He’s a gentle
giant, but hates when you say that out loud. Claim to fame –
once when we visited Mikey Rumble at Scranton University, he
broke Mikey Rumble’s house and dragged it behind him in the
street. What kind of Yankee fan is he: Obsessive maniac. He’s
the guy I call on a Tuesday night in May at 1:30am when
things are getting weird in extra innings during a west coast
game, because I know he’s up with his stomach in knots, just
like me. And if my phone rings in that same situation, it’s
going to be the Big Boy. Sean Who is he: Kid from the Rock.
Also happens to be the Mack at MLB.com, which is how I got
into this mess in the first place. Has a free pass (with
guest) to any major league game during the season – how cool
is that? Claim to fame is that he knows more Dukes of Hazard
trivia than anyone in the world. What kind of Yankee fan is
he: A thinking man’s fan. The kind that appreciates the
Moose. Was standing right next to me in the bleachers when
the famous game 5 Brosius bomb left the building. Brian
Rumble Who is he: Lieutenant in the FDNY. Kid from the Rock.
Other Best man at my wedding. This amazing individual has no
cell phone, no computer, no e-mail, no nothing. It’s really
pretty amazing. But perfect for him. Once called a deer an
*******. What kind of Yankee fan is he: The angry kind.
Actually the only kind that can be angry and enjoy the game
at the same time. No one really knows how he pulls this off.
His father, Bob Russo – an original American Hero – used to
get us seats right on top of the Yankee dugout. Was sitting
right next to me when I got my first foul ball. Mikey Rumble
Who is he: Little brother of Brian Rumble. Kid from the Rock.
What you need to know is that this kid is out of his mind.
The most hysterical laugh in history – a cross between Herman
Munsster and Robert Deniro from CapeFear. With a little Dom
Deluise from Cannonball Run thrown in for good measure.
Currently living in a little movie called Animal House (aka
the Corvetti house). What kind of Yankee fan is he: So happy
when they’re winning. So upset when they’re losing – for
thirty seconds, then he’s happy again. Tony Sherry Who is he:
Little brother of Mike Sherry. Kid from the Rock. Claim to
fame is that he’ll be in the new movie Lobster Farm starring
Danny Aiello, and he was Hans Heineken (that was truly
amazing) in a couple of commercials. He’s led a pretty
amazing life, and the kid is a born entertainer – who sells
real estate. What kind of Yankee fan is he: The kind who
appreciates his very favorite player – the Ferocious Lion,
Hideki Matsui. Even made up the Matsui song. We sing it all
the time. If my phone rings when something weird happens
during a regular-hour game, it’s either going to be him or
Acc. Chris Woy Who is he: One of the old twenty fourth st.
crew. While we lived in that apartment, the Yankees won four
straight pennants and three out of four championships. Little
brother of Rob Woy. Part of the Wednesday Night Superstars
Cards group. Until he went and moved down to West Palm on me.
Still slightly haunted by the fact that I told him I would
rather cut my nuts off than move to West Palm. Or something
like that….. What kind of Yankee fan is he: The kind that
spent his wedding night on the couch with me watching the
Yankees. Remarkable, but true. An entirely other story,
though. Doesn’t suffer Yankee fools, and bounces back from
losses better than most of us. The Lt. Who is he: Lieutenant
in the United States Navy – submariner. B-school kid. The Lt.
is an instructor at the submarine tactical school in conn.
The man can perpetrate a “Crazy Ivan” like Mikey Rumble can
perpetrate the “Crazy Eat the Sausage Hero”. Talk to Lt. for
a while and you’ll start to feel like a lazy lump of crud.
What kind of Yankee fan is he: Dedicated. Refuses to wash his
Yankees visor until the Yanks win another championship. Goes
to road games when he finds himself on the road. Always
represents the Yankee colors on school days when there is a
game to be won. Vino Who is he: B-school kid. Big college
sports fan. PSU. I’m trying to tell him he’s wasting his
time. He won’t listen. His girl Jenny is apparently a pretty
good softball player. Loves indie rock – most of all The
Killers. What kind of Yankee fan is he: Shows up. Has a
package with his boy Dave and they show up rooting hard
wearing the colors. That’s all I need to see. Ruddy Who is
he: My boy from way back. We used to rock lower manhattan
together, although we started out in Crooklyn. Lent me his
roof one time, for something or another. What kind of Yankee
fan is he: Hardcore. Lives and dies with the bombers. We go
through predictions before every playoff series. Many people
don’t know it, but we caused the Yankees to win in 96 with
our Yankee symbol tapping ritual. Was with me for game 1 of
the Subway series in 2000. Triple J (aka J.J. Junior) Who is
he: J.J’s little brother (J.J. is a B-school kid). Solid
dude. Only met him once, but we’re on the same page. He’s
twenty one years old, or something ridiculous like that….
What kind of Yankee fan is he: Wants to see the team get
younger, wants to see us get our money’s worth, but most of
all, wants a return to glory. Grossman Who is he: The rare
kid from the Rock/B-school kid combo. Purely by coincidence.
I coached him in roller hockey when he was in 7th grade – I
was in 12th. What kind of Yankee fan is he: The kind that
likes the Mets. I respect his opinion, though, or he would
never make it to the blog. Mike Johnson (aka Juice) Who is
he: What is he is a better question. Larger than life in
everything he does. Owner of Gentry’s in the Rock, he has a
tendency to “modify” a story until it’s just the way he likes
it – hence the nickname. His claim to fame is that he is one
of the only people in the world who have ever offered a guy a
job and threatened his life in the same day (Prunty, of
course). There is truly never a dull moment when he’s around,
because he wouldn’t sit still for it. What kind of Yankee fan
is he: He wants to get a shirt, with no. 25 and one word
across the top – Juice. J.J. Who is he: B-school kid. Notre
Dame grad. One of the infamous band of B-School rogues known
as “The Kids”. Solid dude from the south shore. Big brother
of Triple J (J.J. Junior). What kind of Yankee fan is he: The
Prodigal Son. He once was lost, but now he’s found. I think.
Could be that he realized he was breaking his brother’s heart
when he was “away”. Petey Goods Who is he: Kid from the Rock.
I’ve known him since first grade. Claim to fame is that he is
part of the legendary Matarazzo law enforcement dynasty. What
kind of Yankee fan is he: The kind with special access. Petey
has sat in luxury boxes with dignitaries and VIPs. A bit like
Mike Sherry, he likes the long ball. Never takes his eyes off
the prize, though. Winning.