Mannino:  Grrrr
Me:  What’s going on?
Mannino:  4-0 Bad guys.
Me:  I knew we were going to lose this game.
Mannino:  You need to shut up

        That was Mannino instant messaging me earlier this afternoon.  Big Joe called later.  “Well, you kept saying all day yesterday that they were going to lose today….”  Apparently I was being a bit obnoxious about the Yankees not having a shot today.  I didn’t care who was scratched and who was being sent out there to pitch.  In fact, I first told Acc on Friday night, as he was breaking the game down for me as I was driving home from my cousin Mike’s wedding in Jersey (Mike apologized to me before we left for making me go to Jersey, as he knows I turn into a complete idiot when I’m Jersey) that they were going to lose on Monday.  The way I saw it, that Friday night game was going to be the difference between 3-1 and 2-2.  I knew they would win two games, and they would probably need to steal the third.  And that was their shot.  Because if there is one thing I’ve learned (the hard way – in person), it’s that the 2007 Yankees don’t win day games at the Stadium during the week.  So 2-2 it was. 

          So why does this have me concerned?  Because MLB, in its maddening out-reach program, is desperate to create hype.  And the Chicago Cubs are just their ticket.  They desperately want that Chicago market to rally around that TV and finally kick the outside-the-NY-metro-area playoff ratings into gear.  They had some success with it in ’03, when the Cubs made a run, so you can bet they’ll give them the prime time games again.  And then I have to listen to McCarver tell me how awesome it is that the Cubs get to play in prime time…And that means the two teams from New York, the Yankees and the Mets, will be stuck playing day games.  What a joke.  The ratings will still blow the doors off of the Cubs, but MLB is willing to take that hit to try and create some sort of Midwest drama.  So we have to suffer through day games during the week.  Which the Yankees s*ck at.  And not just day games.  Day games that could potentially be against the Angels.  Talk about an f’ing conspiracy…  Why don’t you just bring Edgar Martinez out of retirement while you’re at it? 

           Mannino, in her text messaging today, insisted that the Yankees will take down the Sox for the division.  Two against Oakland and four against Minnesota.  Interesting.  Conventional wisdom says you split the series with an even number of games.  Even so, the Yanks would have to go 5-1.  If the Yanks had won today, I would have said that they were squarely in the driver’s seat.  Now, uphill battle.  Odds are they finish exactly one game back, and the Red Sox can look back and pat themselves on the back for every single miracle finish they pulled off this year.  No worries.  I really just want to win the World Series.  Although if you told me back in April when they blew that game in Boston that they were going to lose the division by one game, I probably would have needed to be talked down off the ledge.  Now, that’s a bit unfair, because we highway robbed a game right back last week, but still.  One game?  That would be a bit of a kick in the nuts. 

          The good news is we’ve got six games to see what happens.  The Yankees are not going to lose six in a row, and the Tigers are not going to win six in a row.  So the worst-case scenario for the Yankees is that they make it into the postseason and see what happens.  In their day games…..

          Nick, I have to thank you, dude.  And Joseph.  As of 10:30pm I had zero comments on the BPS.  That has officially never happened before.  I was major-league bummed.  I actually held off on tonight’s post in hopes that a comment would arrive before I started.  So, at 10:32pm, Nick skysurfed in and saved the day, followed by the Statistician Magician.  Close….




    Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was thrown off by there being another post on what is Sunday night for me. 5-1 is tough but maybe the Yanks can pull it out, and starting against Tampa Bay is a good team to start it up against. I dont know what the record at home during the day is, but I’m with you in feeling nervous about the Yankees chances of winning. I get the feeling the Yanks are going to get some big outings out of the starting rotation and A-Rod will snap out of his funk soon here. Go Yanks.


    Re: yesterday’s post. It was clever, but I really didn’t have anything to add. I’m in sales, and I’m trying to meet quota, so I didn’t even have the chance to think about it…
    Re: day vs night : I hear ya about the Yanks daytime performance, but great teams win both day and night…

    Ras #45


    I read yesterdays and was going to post but, the goose egg that was hanging there intrigued me and I wanted to see how long it would last, so I let you twist in the wind.


    Glad I could help. I might not be able to keep up with the baseball geniuses on this blog, but a Yankee fan is a Yankee fan and that’s all that matters.

    I’m still hopeful for a Division clinch.


    The Yanks performace yesterday was about as lackluster as that movie “Death Proof” Has anyone seen it yet? I watched it over the weekend and I never thought that it was possible for Tarantino to make a boring movie.

    Anyway….The Yanks are probably looking towards playing day games in the first round. At least one and possibly two. Especially if they are playing Cleveland. Anything is better than in 95 when I got to see exactly one game in the Yanks vs. Seattle series because MLB scheduled just about every game at the same time.


    I had nothing to say after yesterday’s performance. Here we go down to the final stretch. Anyone remember the beginning of the season? They’ve come a long way. Let’s go Yankees!


    I’m with raoul….i saw the goose egg up there as well and figured I wouldn’t hurt the integrity of the creative letter by posting a comment of nonsense….which my comments usually are..

    and meds…i thought that movie was a bit weak as well…i expected more from tarantino


    I was going to save you last night but thought you should be punished for your negative, albeit correct, position regarding yesterday’s game.


    The power of the comment.

    I am very familiar with this tactic.

    When I am in trouble I get the silent treatment from my wife.

    Sometimes it comes out of the blue when I don’t even know I’m in trouble. I’ll ask an innocent question and get no response when we both know she heard me. If I really don’t know what I did wrong, I’ll follow up with another question. If I still get ‘the treatment’ I run away and hide in another room, sometimes for days.

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